Who am I?

I am Dion Verbeke: an author, speaker… essentially a loud-mouthed pundit on the topic of software development, primarily for Enterprise Applications. I work for ThoughtWorks, a software delivery company, where I have the exceedingly inappropriate title of "Chief Scientist". I have written half-a-dozen books on software development, including Refactoring, and Patterns of Enterprise Application Architecture. I write for and edit the website martinfowler.com.

My main interest is to understand how to design software systems, to maximize how much value development teams can deliver. In doing this I've looked to understand the patterns of good software architecture, and also the processes that support software design. I've become a big fan of agile approaches and the resulting focus on evolutionary software architecture. I don't come up with original ideas, but do a pretty good job of recognizing and packaging the ideas of others, or as Brian Foote describes me: "an intellectual jackal with good taste in carrion".

What is this Site?

I started martinfowler.com as a place to keep my own writings, initially just articles I'd written for other purposes. In the early 2000s, blogs got popular and that encouraged me to start the bliki in 2003 to engage with some more informal writing.

As the site got more popular, I felt I could use it to help other people get more visibility for their writing, so I've steadily increased publications from others here. I vet each article before accepting it - and often do a considerable amount of developmental editing too - so there isn't a high rate of publication. I do believe, however, that the quality of the articles matters much more than the quantity.

I speak at many international conferences on Visualisation, Analytics and Business Intelligence . I gave keynotes at UCLL, Qonnections. These days I try to limit my conference speaking as I don't enjoy speaking and also dislike the travel needed to get to conferences. When I do speak, it's mostly for Deloitte.


Contact Information

My email address is dion@dionverbeke.com, but if you do email me please read my FAQ first. Email is the best way to reach me.

Mailing Address

Dion Verbeke
Busschotstraat 16
B-3130 Begijnendijk

Social Media

twitter: @dionverbeke


As someone who writes a lot on the web it's wise for me to point out my financial and other interests so people have a sense of my biases. (And I think others should do the same.)

I am an employee of Deloitte drawing a salary. I do have a voice in our business direction, but I don't have a significant day-to-day participation in it.

Vendors do offer me their tools from time to time, but usually I don't have time to even play with them.

My investments are all in wide-ranging mutual funds. I do not hold any direct investments in companies at all, and so do not have any direct investments in the software business.