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My email address is, but if you do email me please read my FAQ first. Email is the best way to reach me.

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Dion Verbeke
Busschotstraat 16
B-3130 Begijnendijk

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twitter: @dionverbeke


As someone who writes a lot on the web it's wise for me to point out my financial and other interests so people have a sense of my biases. (And I think others should do the same.)

I am an employee of Deloitte drawing a salary. I do have a voice in our business direction, but I don't have a significant day-to-day participation in it.

Vendors do offer me their tools from time to time, but usually I don't have time to even play with them.

My investments are all in wide-ranging mutual funds. I do not hold any direct investments in companies at all, and so do not have any direct investments in the software business.